Damian Cipressi

I was recently looking for an apartment and came across some listings with Crosstown apts. They were very attentive to my needs and tried their best to find apartments that met my standards. Even when I put a deposit on a place and was approved, I decided I didn''t want to be in that area and they were highly understanding and gave me my deposit back. I definitely would recommend them to anyone, as they really try their best to work with you and meet your needs, which is very important when searching for the ideal home.

by Sony A. | , Hamilton Heights | Thursday March 3, 2016

Damian Cipressi

I cannot say enough great things about Damian and his team at Crosstown Apartments NYC! He answered my initial request very promptly, and showed me my first apartment in a three week-long (and nearly 20 apartment) search! His team was so courteous and genuinely interested in and committed to my personal requests, housing desires, and budget requirements. My parameters were pretty specific, and yet I never received any pushback. I felt heard and respected.

Even when the initial apartment fell through, Damian and his team immediately reached out and offered to show me several other residencies. Damian consistency answered my email inquiries hastily and thoroughly, even when they were just small clarifications! This was appreciated beyond measure as I never felt I was signing away to things I didn''t understand. He worked with my schedule (which was very sporadic) and went out of his way to get clarifications from building management/landlords. Even after signing the lease for my current apartment, Damian has continued to be very responsive to questions concerning the lease and other apartment logistics.

And yes - even after the first apartment fell through, I STILL ended up signing with Crosstown when Damian showed me another apartment that I hadn''t even requested...He just thought I might be interested and had his team show it to me in tandem with another showing -- I LOVED it! I''m so happy to have found a home I love, that fits completely in my budget, and to have had a guide throughout the whole thing. I would honestly use Damian and Crosstown Apartments NYC again in a heartbeat, and I suggest you do as well! Odds are you won''t be disappointed!

by Grace Bernando | , Hamilton Heights | Thursday March 3, 2016

Damian Cipressi

Everyone at Crosstown was very helpful in finding me what I needed. I worked with broker Damian Cipressi, and he listened to what I needed and when and delivered exactly that. I did rent with him, and I''m very happy with my new apartment. It''s New York real-estate, places come, places go in a heart beat, but they do their best to get you in one that''s available that you like- without giving you a run around like other companies I''ve looked with before.

by Mary Hawk | , Hamilton Heights | Friday January 22, 2016

Damian Cipressi

Damian was very helpful in finding me exactly the apartment that I wanted in the perfect neighborhood. The process was seamless even though I was out of town.

by Marco Romasanto | , Upper West Side | Friday January 22, 2016

Damian Cipressi

I worked with Damian and Matt who was very new on the job but showed me a few apartments, was friendly and did a good job.

Everything was a smooth process. I saw the apartment, I filled out the paperwork, I provided the requested documentation right away without having to prove every single thing on my credit report, and moved in on the day I requested.

Would I recommend Crosstown? Yes

by Kenneta | , Lower East Side | Friday January 22, 2016

Aaron Kinney

Aaron was by far the most professional, warm, and fun broker I have ever worked with. He was timely and showed us exactly what we wanted within our budget. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and took all the stress out of apartment hunting.

by Grace | Friday January 22, 2016

Aaron Kinney

Crosstown Apartments is amazing. We ended up staying in Stuy Town in a last minute deal, but if we had not, we would have gone with an apartment Crosstown showed us... we actually had put a non-refun deposit down to take the property off the market. Way better than the other brokers i worked with

Friday January 22, 2016

William Kammerer

William was an extremely good agent to me and my friend. He responded quickly to all my texts and emails and showed up to our meeting on time. He then took my friend and I all around the city to look for apartments within our exact price range and requirements. After this, we went back to his office and he helped us fill out paperwork till around 7:00 pm. Overall, he spent 6 hours with me on a Saturday and showed me an apartment I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, I wasn''t able to apply for it due to other reasons, but I have to rate his service a 5/5.

by HEIDI D. | , HEIDI D. | Friday January 22, 2016

Damian Cipressi

We used Damian Cipressi, and he did a good job for us. We were difficult clients because we weren''t well organized or decisive. Damian did a good job of keeping us on track, pleasantly keeping us focused, and helping us to comply with the fairly detailed and picky requirements of the manager of the building we picked. We''d use Damian again and recommend him to others.

by David Wittgenstein | , West Village | Wednesday April 29, 2015

Damian Cipressi

My wife and I were very happy with the results of our apt. search this spring. Damian Cipressi seemed knowledgable and discriminating about all the choices he and his partner, Marc Cain, offered us. It took little more than a week to locate the apt. we''re now signed up to live in. Thank you.

by John and Kathy | Wednesday April 29, 2015